Julieta Varela

Visual Artist, Educator and Organizer


Julieta Varela's creations meditate on natural and urban sanctuaries. She grew up in Harlem and Washington Heights, as a 1st generation Brazilian New Yorker. Julieta’s work primarily incorporates drawing, painting and repurposing materials into sculptural and 2-dimensional assemblages. Her efforts to deepen her own mindfulness and eco-consciousness are in dialogue with her mixed media practices. While reflecting her observations, she intends to transport viewers to the sacred spaces of her memories and imagined havens.


As an art educator, Julieta teaches mindfulness during her process based mixed media art lessons, that encourage her students to be self reflective, as they explore different materials for navigating various forms of expression. She combines methods for observational art making and explorative process based techniques, to equip students with a range of skills, integrated through visual art modalities. Interdisciplinary subjects are incorporated into her lessons, including eco-consciousness, meditation, art history and social justice.


Julieta Varela has been a founding organizer of the HangNight™ visual and performing arts showcase since its genesis in 2014. Once a month since February of 2014, HangNight™ at the Heath Gallery has served as a platform for artists to present their creations in a supportive gallery space in Harlem. To learn more click here.